August 2006

For the past three work days I’ve been riding in. It’s a 22km trip, which takes me about 55 minutes. As I get fitter I hope to bring this down slightly. However, it’s the bike paths and darkness that are my greatest enemy at the moment. I just need to leave work earlier!

Joined Bicycle Victoria, which covers me for liability to others on the commute. Worth every cent of the fee.

After three weeks here I finally know the way from the door to my desk. I have spent two days learning about Oracle’s Application Express, formerly known as HTMLDB. I have installed two blogs, one IM server, a Wiki and two forum packages on a virtual Ubuntu box inside my desktop WinXP machine, and my head’s about to explode.

Fortunately for me, my desktop box (and by inclusion my virtual machine) are hidden from the outside world, so although I have implemented security it need not be bombproof.