Joshua was five years old on Friday. Time flies. We hosted twenty of his friends at an indoor play centre for the Saturday morning, with ‘party food’ and a home made cake. When I get my act together I shall post some photos and a video of the proceedings.

Inga thinks that she is five years old. She can do all the things that the bigkids did, including the biggest scarriest slide at the centre. And she ate considerably more than the Birthday boy…. She must be growing.
Somehow we have persuaded Joshua that he may only open a couple of presents a day - extending his birthday for a week or more! He seems content with this, and it gives him time to explore each gift before discarding it, rather than having a heap of touched toys and books that will get put into cupboards and never seen again.

Christmas cakes are in the local supermarkets. Why? Australia doesn’t need a pagan festival in the middle of its summer, particularly one involving heavy fat-laden sugary foods!  HoHum. On we go.