It’s been 35ºC today in Melbourne, and it is still weeks until summer begins. I chose to ride to work despite knowing it would be hot comming home. Two water bottles later and I managed to stay hydrated. There have, however, been a few people keeling over with the heat.

The kids and Morwenna went swimming to avoid the oppression. Apparently there were too many kids on the water slide for Joshua to enjoy it; he only went down once… Inga loved jumping in to the deep outside pool but would not do somersaults on Morwenna’s back like Joshua did yesterday. (He is currently learning the ‘tuck’ position at gymnastics, which he practices at the pool when jumping in.)
For those interested in the numbers, the Bureau of Meteorology forecast is here. Monash University has a live page here. There are also other funky weather pages, but mostly they indicate global warming, which is too contentious to mention in the West.