December 2007

The local paper is running a series of articles for International Polar Year about the Antarctic and Australia’s role there. The first article has a nice flash overview of science on the ice and its importance to humanity.

With Christmas looming there are few better things to do on a Saturday than avoid the rain (15mm) with a few thousand other people at a huge shopping centre. (With a three year old who has not yet worked out queues and their purpose.)

That done it was off to Joshua’s gymnastics display, which lasted for three hours. Almost 500 participants displayed their talents, bringing about boredom for the three year old and thus another shopping trip.

The evening was a barbecue which should have been great fun, but three-year-old was tired and didn’t eat. Instead she demanded pyjamas and ended up at home in bed at 19:45. Six year old lasted until after 22:00, when a friend gave him and Mum a lift home via Christmas lights. Both kids slept well…

Sunday was swimming in the morning, with much time spent splashing and diving and body surfing in the wave pool. On return home three year old demanded that she stay at home for the rest of the day… So Joshua and Mum went off by bike delivering Christmas cards to his school friends, whilst three year old and I make Christmas Pudding.

After a visit from Bruce and Sheila in the evening the day ended with the kids eating a new meal (!) including one of the small puddings.

It says here that the Arctic ice is re-freezing at a record pace. That will increase the northern albedo a bit, but may not halt the spectre of global warming.

Well, it’s Christmas again. Almost.

We’ve dug out the advent tree and started hanging decorations on it. We’ve strung some Christmas lights around the walls. The kids are insisting on Christmas songs at bedtime instead of the traditional lullabies…

Makes one almost feel festive. Inga has found two presents with her picture on. (We are using pictures rather than name tags this year, for easy identification.) Joshua has found one (and he thinks another is his, but it’s currently unmarked.)

And we’ve had a couple of trial runs at biscuit baking. Not a bad weekend, really.

Last night was the hottest on record in Melbourne - almost. At midnight it was 30C, and had cooled to only 28C by 7am. However, the cool change came through at about 7.30 and dropped the temperature 8~10 degrees.

As Australia measures things from 9am local time we were saved from a record.

Here’s a link to fun graphs of Melbourne’s temperature.