January 2008

After a fun but tiring Christmas at Dinner Plain we headed South towards Bairnsdale to stay with Kay and Bob. They run a guest house and are the most-upstream private residence on the Nicholson river. Bob was away working on the rigs in Bass Strait, so we didn’t see him, but Kay made us most welcome and after a little talk about the snakes (red bellied black) that are around this year she sent us off to float in the river for much of our time.

The kids loved the experience and became quite confident in the flowing water. They also discovered that two people on one tube doesn’t add to stability!

Hopefully we will get back there again before Kay and Bob sell.

This year we spent Christmas in Dinner Plain, with the Brisbane grandparents and Aunt from Sydney. Temperatures got down to -1.8C on Christmas eve and left a decent frost on the car windows for Christmas day. After that things warmed up, with temperatures around 25C for the rest of the week.

Whilst there I was able to take a paraglider flight from Mystic Mountain. My pilot was good and kept me aloft for about half an hour before descending in a spiral from about 800m. The valley floor is at about 250m, so this was a rapid experience.

The thermals were developing too rapidly for Morwenna to get a flight, but we hope to be back in Bright in Autumn to dog-sit, so she may get a turn then. She and the kids loved watching me and others take off, which almost made up for the lack of flight.

Bright hit 40C that day. Too hot. So 15 of us went for a swim in the local river. That might have been the highlight for the kids!