After the previous dilemma about worn wheels I resurrected a pair from a while ago. Last Friday I noticed that the back wheel was out of true. Not too badly, but enough to rub on the brakes unevenly. So I visited the local bike shop to get it trued whilst I was at work.

A little later I got a call to say that the wheel had failed, badly. As the mechanic was taking the tyre off the rim split around about one third of its circumference.

Bother said Pooh.

So now I have a shiny new Mavic Open Pro rim laced to the old hub with the old spokes. With a new tyre and brake blocks all round it came to a shade over AU$200. It creaked and pinged for the first 20 km, but has settled well now. The next decision is how long I dare to leave the front wheel before it too fails - perhaps whilst I am riding. I think that I shall be getting a similar rim ordered for the front rim ASAP, and the wheel built soon after.

Sadly I don’t have a picture of the rim. My mobile phone makes phone calls, and my camera doesn’t accompany me on the commute.